Globalisation is a reality of the world we in which we live, and it can be taken as read, that learning will also be part of this trend

We live a global accessible community powered by an ecosystem of people, tools, information and resources that are for our minds to innovative and share knowledge.

MirandaNet Fellowship ( a global community, is active in using theory, practice and evidence based research to deliver great learning experiences across all sectors of Education. The development of evidence-based research  from a diverse community and the range of expertise offered by MirandaNet have come together to influence and assist in the development of important education policies. The challenges revealed by technology innovation are a potential catalyst for change in education.

Individual MirandaNet members have submitted detailed experience about elearning technologies to the survey developed by Diana Laurillard here (
Members have also submitted views to ETAGs here (  However, this opportunity to feedback to Ministers was also an opportunity to consider whether MirandaNet members wanted to present a collaborative view on policy. So several of us met on June 13th at the London Knowledge Lab in London to debate the issues raised by the ETAGs submission. We have continued to engage online
and this website represents our views on policy as opposed to the actual learning technologies.

Inspired by the call by ETAG (Education Technology Action Group) the MirandaNet Community has provided a number of thought pieces, which can be reviewed here. Building on the knowledge  and experiences of what worked well and didn’t work well in the past and embracing the challenges ahead the contributions set out to provide:

  1. A clear leadership strategy that provides practical insight into  policy;
  2. Development of thoughtful CPD  for the education community that places the teaching community centre stage;
  3. Validation and recognition of effective use of excellent theory and practice of teaching and learning that shows where technology can and can’t make change.



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