Education In The Connected World

Policy suggestion for the future:
Government policy should be supporting a holistic picture of the uses of digital technologies in education institutions that include but are not restricted to these areas: assessment, business, collaboration, communication, CPD, curriculum, planning, procurement, Teaching & Learning, Technology Enhanced Learning. Policy must be set in the context of current legislation and best practice and designed to inspire teachers and learners to be engaged and empowered.

A policy in this area that worked in the past?
From 1997  the National Grid for Learning followed by various iterations of government agencies and national programmes upheld a thinking and implementation process that was abandoned in 2010. Also, evidence from Becta to policy makers. Much has been lost.

Desirable characteristics of technology
Sustainable, robust, always available, cost effective, adaptable, supportive, empowering, efficient, ubiquitous, agile, affordable, connected.

What caused you to suggest this policy?

In the same evolution as books it is not acceptable to teach or learn without using technology. Learning institutions need support and guidance in areas such as ‘what’ for example, functional specifications, standards and procurement processes, ‘why’ for example enlightenment regarding what might be possible, and, ‘how’ for example, CPD or evidence from best practice research.


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