Sharing Research

Policy suggestion for the future

  • Government recognition for  all the bodies who are trying to improve the navigation routes to UK research on digital technologies in learning and some funding to bring them together in their endeavours. Legislation to prevent a new government ceasing the maintenance of websites with resources on them funded by the tax payer.

A policy in this area that worked in the past

  • Becta had developed a website that was a showcase for UK research. This was stored in an archive by the Coalition on the grounds of cost: the archive is not easy to navigate. This is a loss for the profession and in addition potential business for Ukplc is being lost.

What caused you to suggest this policy?

  • The impact of closing of the websites linked to the quangos by the Coalition may not have been foreseen at the time- now that this is known a democratic government like the UK should be prepared to put laws in place to ensure that professional research is always accessible. There is a evidence of a  keenness from the profession to rebuild such a knowledge repository- see MESH ( which has international reach.

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