Contributions and Acknowledgements

The contributions were submitted from a varied group of MirandaNet members, educators and associates:

Edited by:
Patricia Charlton, London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education
Christina Preston, MirandaNet, University of Bedfordshire
Joanna Wild, MirandaNet, Independent consultant

  • Alison Allen, Outstream
  • Keith Turvey,  Brighton University
  • Jon Audain, Winchester University
  • Richard Allen, Outstream  
  • Lubna Malik, Beaconhouse Schools, Pakistan, Now at City Schools 
  • Christopher Bradford, Brain Pop
  • Roger Carlsen, Wright State University, US
  • Terry Freeman, ICT In Education
  • Ian Lynch, Ingots
  • David Longman, Independent consultant
  • Sarah Younie, University of De Montford
  • Karen Cameron, Independent consultant
  • David Fuller, Tablet Academy
  • Adrian Hall, independent consultant,
  • Theo Kuechel, MirandaNet
  • Graham Newell,  IRIS Connect
  • Yishay Mor, Independent adviser
  • Dylan Jones, Follett 
  • Stuart Abrahams, Groupcall
  • Roger Turner, LightSpeed
  • Rachel Jones,  Elliot Academies
  • Marilyn Leask, University of Bedfordshire
  • Mike Sharples, Open University,



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