Conclusions: Policy and Community


Services and Infrastructure

  • Strategy and leadership towards infrastructure as service is critical. Cloud services are here to stay but it is critical that well though policies and leadership are in place that place the needs of education, teaching and learning at the centre of big data teaching and learning hub.
  • E-safety in schools and the home require to provide credible resources to be in place.
  • Privacy and trust data legislations need to be in place to ensure appropriate use of data in education and appropriate access and ownership.  Companies and government making inappropriate use of the data should be held to the highest accountability.

Community frameworks and leadership

  • Explore ways of encouraging teachers to join professional communities of practice or create them. All  the recent money has gone to CAS which is needed but does not cover the whole picture for learning technologies in schools.
  • Promote crowd sourced, peer reviewed areas of expertise to help schools like MESH and Learning Designer Community.
  • Support new journals for promoting good use of technology in education.

Acknowledgement of good theory and practice in schools

  • Promote professionalism in teaching, Chartered Teacher, something for teachers to aspire to. Different pay scale, but this needs to demonstrate professionalism in reviews. Replace the AST, by providing something in the middle.

Support community practice and guidance that is sourced from experience and evidence and understanding the changing education space.

  • Communities to lead the way in guidance and advice from experience, understanding and practices that work well. Develop from the core. Celebration of good practice in schools as seen by OFSTED and other bodies that go into schools. Using the DFE home site as a central resource for good practice and examples of  use of different mobile technologies, reasons for success etc.

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