Servers and Infrastructure

If being connected is important what kind of infrastructure should be in place? What is working well and why? What isn’t and why?

Current student and teacher data tracking and logging  by VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) using analytic tools offers potential understanding about the kinds of learning and teaching that is most effective and the context needed. But are we tracking and logging data that is useful? Who decides what is useful and why? What kind of infrastructure needs to be in place?

How do we keep students’ data safe but also letting them have access to it? How might we remove the barriers of being tied into one data management system.

Who owns the  student data and how to support the right kind of management of the data: data protections and data ownership and access for students.

There is a blurring of boundaries now between home and the school. What should happen to data outside of the schools? At home?

Everything is mobile these days. What kind of thinking needs to be in place so that mobile technologies are used as effective tools for learning?




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