e-safety at Home

Policy suggestion for the future?

  • improved advice and guidance from a SINGLE website (DFE) where parents can access the information and guidance needed to help them setup access to the internet at home or on children’s devices in a pain free manner.
  • Reviews and advice on products available. FSM families to have free tools and it becomes a mandatory part of the package for introducing mobile technologies in schools, particularly BYOD, or 1:1 roll outs.
  • Develop Iprefects ideas, to provide schools with better overview of what their pupils are doing online
  • Change the name to (Internet) Highway Code?

What caused you to suggest this policy?

  • Esafety in the home. Recognised that schools are safe places to use the internet for children, but can the same be said for homes? The issue is that we cannot guarantee the same for home use? Tools  available are complex and require technical support.  What is needed is an education resource for parents where they can to for advice and guidance as well as be shown various easy solutions to help them with Internet access at home. In particular dealing with different needs for different ages of child.  This is a major issue for a lot of schools and has to be addressed as more and more children are online and the introduction of devices.

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