Improving E-safety

E-safety is of critical importance to all of us. But where do we start? How can we consider such an important but yet very challenging area?

Overview of Improving E-safety

What is needed is clarity not confusion. So

  • Mechanisms to make issues visible
  • Accountabilitywho / what / when…..
  • Really good Communication

What to keep mind

  • Education institutions can’t prevent everything – but they should measuresuccess
  • Are the right judgement calls being made –
  • Irrespective of frameworks/toolsetc?  (frameworks can = tick boxes)
  • Who is accountable for child protection / safeguarding?
  • Beware vested interests

Balanced Understanding

E-safety = technology can amplify the threat of safeguarding issues (and makes execution of criminal activity relatively easy)


Technology brings learning benefits


mitigates risk by increasing visibility of issues & assurance

Useful  Checklist

  • Can staff spot a child protection issue?
  • Do they know key organisations?
  • Where is the information held / who to contact?
  • What should you do?
  • How are you monitoring outcomes and compliance?
  • Training?

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