Understanding and Accrediting Learning

If history tells us one thing its that gadgets on there own don’t change teaching and learning. CPD is the key but it needs new approaches to provide the incentives and get the cost manageable. Over 500 schools have now signed up for the computing baseline test and still growing. The questions and explaining them provides real practical low cost CPD. In fact it is costing the tax payer nothing because we are providing it as a free service. This is possible because of the way we are using technology. Not a panacea but at least an indicator of what might work. (Ian Lynch June 2014)

A critical theme emerging from many and across the discussions is to set the technology within the context of pedagogy and to be able to ask the right questions about the technology within the context of education, teaching and learning. There is so much choice and change how can we know when to use what technology to engage our learners?


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