Action research scholarships

Policy suggestion for the future

  • Sophistication in the ways in which government gives grant for continuing professional development taking note of previous studies in particular with giving enough weight to the value of action research

A policy in this area that worked in the past

  • MirandaNet Fellows won Best Practice Research Scholarships, about £2,000 for action research that were managed by Becta. The application process helped teachers to understand the value of their study. The school management team had to explain how they would use the scholarships to develop and embed digital technologies in classrooms through evidence. A key result was that the teachers felt that the time and expenses involved in action research were recognised. MirandaNet accredited these studies

What caused you to suggest this policy?

  • The MirandaNet community benefitted greatly from publishing these the teacher-authored case studies and so did the national community in developing deep professional learning. A major concern is that the money given to BCS for the training of teachers in the new Computing section of the curriculum has not been distributed in ways that emphasis the deeper learning required. Now might be the time.
  • It is worth noting that international  professional communities of practice like MirandaNet, ITTE, Naace, ALT and CAS are important sources of professional development but only CAS has had Coalition funding.This should be remedied with action research bursaries managed by these communities.

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