Continuous professional development

CPD is the one area under previous policy where insufficient or no funding was available to support the capital spend.

Despite the view that ICT is now embedded across the education system it isn’t and there needs to be a systematic ICT CPD support/training package created/delivered and made a requirement for all.

Advice & Guidance

Currently funding has been devolved to a school level and for many schools they have no source of independent advice and guidance on the technology they may require to meet their needs. BECTA undertook this role to a certain level and perhaps the more effective route was the CLC who were able to provide bespoke advice to schools regarding what they were trying to achieve and what technology would support them.

It would be a sensible move to have an independent advisory body for schools who could advise on technology from how it could help the school achieve their aims through to the types of technology that would meet their needs. All of this needs to be based around pedagogy and practice not technology for technology sake.


Too often the focus is on hardware and often hardware is purchased with no content or tools to benefit the institution. Whilst eLCs had their issues the idea of offering advice and guidance to schools through class based product evaluations is a sound one. Too often the decision on buying product is not based on pedagogy. The other alternative is to consider the merits of economies of scale through bulk purchasing of products for schools whilst potentially removing choice it could if handled properly deliver better quality products to schools at considerable savings.


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