Learning and the role of technology

There is only one terminology that is a learning place; whether it is equipped with today’s modern tech or not. Global learning is taking place and education is being revolutionised by this: living in one world concept of global learning is the best use of technology. However, technology should be considered as a tool and should be given importance from this perspective. Learning, pedagogy, experience and great practice should drive the policies and decisions around when and how technology is used or developed by education. Not the other way around.

What works when digital technology improves learning?

  • The understanding of why that particular technology is being used for that particular phase of the task.
  • Seamless technology embedded
  • When meaningful learning is planned by the teacher
  • Assistance and facilitation by technology as a tool
  • Supporting learning outcomes to be achieved
  • Speed, time saving, students own familiar way/environment as they are very much used to and familiar with all these gadgets so they feel comfortable.
  • Students and teaches feel empowered and motivated.
  • Authentic learning experience is able to engage with the challenge and sense of achievement. Thus feelings of Yes, I can do it and Yes even I can do it alone.

What doesn’t work

  • When teachers and students have feelings that technology is used for the sake of technology
  • When there is no connection of activity and the tool
  • When teachers and students are unable to use characteristics of that tool to enhance learning
  • Technology standalone

What should Government do?

  • Policy of giving exposure to technology at what level and at what age and how much as technology has its hazards to health and it should be in everyone’s knowledge
  • Digital manners/citizenship
  • Provide various technologies to the educational institute
  • Opportunities for Application of 21st century skills
  • Global learning – living in one world concept – best use of technology

What should Government not do or stop doing?

  • That learning is only possible through technology
  • Technology is merely a tool which assists learning at various times
  • Blended learning
  • Stop differentiating – digital classroom/21st century classroom and so on with traditional/conventional classroom….. there is only one terminology – a learning place; whether it is equipped with tech or not
  • The missing link is human interactivity. Students prefer to consult internet, busy in laptops/tablets, perform interactivity with smart boards but show little interaction and collaboration with peers and groups.

Learning targets should be beyond technology originated. Why we need to pose such questions where we consider digital technology as  means of increased learning only. Technology should be considered as a tool and should be given importance in this perspective.

The role of the teacher is critical. The use of technology depends on how teachers’ plan for it and if it is used by students at infusion and transformation level, the pedagogical and practical understanding is fundamental. This is required to enable a deep learning by the students thus a great deal is expected of the teachers.


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