Teachers’ Professional Development

Desirable characteristics

Effective professional development does not tell teachers what to do, or which technologies to use: it empowers them to incept, design, develop and evaluate their own technology-rich educational innovations, enabling them to harness the latest developments in responding to learners’ changing needs.

What is your policy suggestion for the future?

Policy must tuned to promote CPD frameworks based on teacher inquiry  and teachers as learning designers or preferably – both . CPD offerings promoting a specific tool, technology or resource should be minimised, as these are transient and context-specific.

What caused you to suggest this policy?

A review by the EPPI-Centre at the Institute of Education, University of London, found that continuous and collaborative professional development was linked with a positive impact upon teachers’ repertoire of teaching and learning strategies, their ability to match these to their students’ needs, their self-esteem and confidence, and their commitment to continuing learning and development. They also found evidence that such professional development was linked with a positive impact upon student learning processes, motivation and outcomes. Studies by Laurillard, Kali, Voogt and McKenney and others have highlighted the value of training teachers as learning designers.


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